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<Grassroot Disclosure Campaign>

TECON 2024 is completely a Grassroot Disclosure Event, and we need your help to get the word out!


How can you help to promote “THE GLOBAL DISCLOSURE EVENT" of the year?


Some of you have your own websites and social media pages i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Some of you run your own E-mail Lists, Magazines, Trade Associations, Newsletters and TV and Radio Stations.


We respectfully ask you to stand up and “take action” to get the word out about the world largest disclosure event for Humanity. With your support, we can bring disclosure to the people.


Action creates ripples!






Feel free to use our approved Banners on your websites, social media sites, etc.

Tell the world about THE EVENT Conference.

Just put your cursor on the image > and right click > and save to your computer.

Link it to the official website

Join our Affiliate Program!
Are you a networking superstar?

Got friends who want to attend the Disclosure Event of the Year? Have a website, blog, social media site, or meet up group? Earn $300.00 for every person who Signs up for a 5-Day Ticket to attend THE EVENT Conference.

We believe in giving back, and with your help, we want to reward you for your efforts of spreading the word.
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