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For TECON 2024, our theme is “PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE”

NOW accepting featured Guest Speaker proposals.
Each Guest Speaker chosen to speak at THE EVENT CONFERENCE is giving back to Humanity and is heart-focused on providing solutions and catalyzing Humanity for positive change.



THE EVENT Conference is now accepting featured guest speaker proposals for our 2024 gathering. We are pleased to share the intentions and aspirations behind this global movement. THE EVENT Conference mission is, "absolute disclosure through a proactive process". We seek individuals who are interested in educating, proposing, shaping, disclosure to Humanity in the five significant dimensions: History, Science, Consciousness, Technologies, and Exopolitics.


We are building our speaker list around a very specific goal of explaining, engaging, and proposing facets of absolute disclosure to the world through five specific sessions. Please address the relation of your topic to one of these sub-themes (dimensions), and justify why it should be an appropriate fit for this year’s theme of “PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE.”


Each of the speakers will be required to lecture in one of the five distinct lecture categories below:


  • Dimension 1: HISTORY — We seek individuals willing to openly share their information about global history. Individuals seeking to share the forbidden—unfiltered history—typically reserved for esoteric circles concerning the areas of suppressed human history and knowledge, archeology, and the significance of megalithic structures.


  • Dimension 2: CONSCIOUSNESS — The second dimension concerns consciousness. We seek experts in consciousness studies and intellects researching the vast spectrum of consciousness. Researchers and scholars exploring the psychological human components of perceptual studies, as well as the potentials of artificial intelligence to aid humanity are welcome to apply.


  • Dimension 3: SCIENCE— The third dimension concerns the application of scientific studies and disciplines which enhance the positive development and evolution of humanity. We encourage scholars, researchers, and scientists to share their research findings in order to bring awareness to global and intergalactic problems.


  • Dimension 4: TECHNOLOGY — The fourth dimension concerns technological developments with the potential to assist humanity in the present as well as in the future. Experts in this area will bring forward an understanding of past technologies with viable, present applications. We seek individuals willing to share and discuss breakthrough technologies that can change our lives for millennia.   


  •  Dimension 5: EXOPOLITICS — The fifth dimension concerns exopolitical affairs. We seek individuals who can share their knowledge of humanity’s current global position amongst the intergalactic cosmic cultures. Experts and scholars willing to discuss the role of disclosure, who can provide logical and informative discussions on interdimensional beings, cosmic cultures, and/or ortho-energetic beings in relation to our collective human past, present, and future are welcome to apply






In this section, we will provide important information regarding THE EVENT Conference. Please take the time to read and become aware of our selection criteria and speaker guidelines before applying.


A total of sixty speakers will be personally selected by THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee. It is our intention to select four speakers per each of the five categorical dimensions of THE EVENT Conference: History, Science, Consciousness, Technologies, and Exopolitics.


>> Speaker Guidelines

All THE EVENT Conference Speakers have been personally selected due to their knowledge, character, and contributions towards bringing the truth to Humanity. Prospective speakers must comply with THE EVENT Conference policies and procedures before, during, and after their presentations and associations with THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee.


  • Professional lecture format: All presentations must be in English.

  • We encourage a diverse range of individuals to apply as TECON Speakers.  

  • Presentation Time limit: All speakers will be given 50 minutes to present their lectures. The TECON Team believes 50 minutes provides each speaker a sufficient amount of time to present significant information. We encourage all speakers to utilize their time efficiently within the allotted time, as lectures cannot exceed 60 minutes.

  • All THE EVENT Conference Speakers shall not exceed the following condition: one lecture per speaker.

  • Speakers are required to appear a day prior to their presentation (no later than 6 P.M.)

  • All selected THE EVENT Conference Speakers are required to confirm their acceptance with THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee.

  • Selected THE EVENT Conference Speakers are required to sign the Appearance Agreement Form 5-months prior to their live presentations.  

  • All prospective THE EVENT Conference Speaker applications are due: January 1st, 2024.

  • All speaker materials (i.e., signed Appearance Agreement Form, presentation materials, headshots, bio, etc.) must be delivered to THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee by the deadline: January 1st, 2024.

>> Selection Criteria

1. Sociability: THE EVENT Conference is an event created by the people, for the people. While the TECON is an organized event, we are searching for authentic individuals, professionals, scientists, researchers who are interested in disclosing the TRUTH to humanity around the world. Prospective applicants must be prepared to lecture in front of a large audience, as the TECON will also be globally streamed.


2. Passionate Professionals: We seek individuals who are genuinely passionate about their work and research. Inspirational individuals who can serve as role models for our current and future generations are ideal candidates. Prospective speakers must be prepared to carry themselves in a professional manner that is sincere and ethical.


3. Knowledgeable: Prospective speakers must be prepared to present their lectures and vast knowledge to a wide range of audiences. The TECON global attendees range from all walks of life young and old.  






Prospective THE EVENT Conference Speakers must complete the online THE EVENT Conference Speaker Application Form. To access the application form please click on the link (above/or below). Interested speakers must submit their electronic applications by January 1st, 2024. Remember, all speaker materials (signed Appearance Agreement Form, presentation materials, headshots, bio, etc.) must be delivered to THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee by the deadline: January 1st, 2024. Selected TECON speakers must comply with the terms, policies, and conditions in the Appearance Agreement Form, as well as the terms and conditions in this document.



Each presenter must complete and submit the following items online by January 1st, 2024:

  • The Speaker Application

  • A professional biography, not exceeding 250 words.

  • A high-resolution (300dpi), color photo headshot

  • A signed ECON Speaker Agreement Form regarding participation for THE EVENT Conference (TECON) 2024




  • Presenter Applications are due by January 1st, 2024. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Presenters will be required to submit an electronic copy of all presentation materials, including the following: PowerPoint/Keynote presentations and Word documents/program materials by January 1st, 2024.

  • In addition to the presentation materials, presenters are required to include substantive written program materials in THE EVENT Conference Application Form.

  • PowerPoint presentations are encouraged. Please send Powerpoint deliverables 30-days prior to the virtual presentation.

  • Please contact the TECON Executive Committee for more information regarding the dissemination of your products, goods, or materials during the TECON.

  • The TECON Executive Committee reserves the right to modify the proposed program title and description of the following: lectures, presentations, and workshops.



THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee will review all proposals during the.  Due to the remarkable growth and interest in our conference, we are unable to select every proposal submitted. The TECON Executive Committee will select the speakers and programs it determines will likely be the most appropriate, useful, beneficial, and interesting for our attendees.  Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  • INNOVATION: New, innovative insights and approaches to issues that are/will be of critical importance to our present and future generations.

  • SIGNIFICANCE/RELEVANCE: The significance of the subject matter relevant to concepts and strategies relevant to our current world. All lectures and presentation materials must have a clear dimensional focus within the five TECON dimensions (i.e., future humanity, alternative technologies, consciousness expansion, eco solutions, and exopolitics).  

  • EXPERTISE: Presenters should have a high level of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter which they plan to lecture on. The content or dimension speakers address must be current and include materials and resources which can be supported by credible evidence.

  • PRACTICALITY: TECON Speakers should be prepared to provide the necessary tools and strategies in order to foster comprehension and educational growth amongst attendees.

  • PRESENTATION SKILLS: Presenter must possess a certain level of experience delivering effective, educational, and informative presentations. In addition, TECON Speakers must have the ability to engage a diverse range of audiences in order to enhance the learning process. 

THE EVENT CONFERENCE Terms and Conditions
  • Selected applicants will be informed via email of their acceptance as TECON Speakers by January 1st, 2024.  

  • All TECON Speakers are required to sign and submit the Appearance Agreement Form.

  • By participating as an EVENT Conference speaker, individuals agree to only present lecture materials which are uniquely their own.

  • By signing the Appearance Agreement Form, prospective speakers confirm that their presentation, lecture materials, and/or workshop resources are distinctly their own.  

  • Failure to inform and receive consent from the TECON Executive Committee of your plans to present materials owned by a third party will result in immediate removal from the TECON Speaker lineup.

  • TECON Speakers will be required to attend at least three scheduled meetings with THE EVENT Conference Executive Committee.




The application deadline is January 1st, 2024. (please be in contact with us if you need extra time/help) and you will be notified of the outcome of your application no later than January 1st, 2024.

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